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worlds of possibility
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Friday, September 24, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

Fall is my favorite season or as Luke would say "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" It always makes me feel rejuvinated to list all of the things about fall and all of the traditions that take place during the season, there is a lot to give thanks for.... we all know that it is also a crazy time of year as well!

 without further adu..

I love that the humidity is gone and the breeze gains a sort of cripsness, the amazing colors associated with the season - the color of the leaves against a blue sky while driving down a country road, MUMS! the colors of these fall flowers closely matches the leaves, of course boots of all shapes and sizes, sweaters, hoodies & sweatpants, open windows letting the smell of the season into the house and not having to use air or heat but being able to cuddle up under a warm blanket, Football, Oktoberfest beer, homemade applesauce and thick soup, Ham Pot Pie  Thanksgiving giving way to 4 wheeling in the mud but if for nothing else the getting together of everyone for that reason alone... to get together, pumpkin pie, camping - it has been too long since I have seen Beaver damn and been to the water tower!, Halloween with all the trimmings of haunted houses scary stories around a fire and apple cider spiked with captain morgan..... or not. hay rides, and of course birthdays ;)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Love Triangle

I know I said I was in love before...but is there anything really wrong about having one house in SIngapore and one in Kona, Hawaii? I love to travel.  I have never been either place, but am in love.

The Kona Residence presented by Contemporist architect: Belzberg Architects  Who else?

It's a little crazy and fun with lots of detail and love of materials.  I will say my favorite is the bedroom, but the patio area is amazing too.  ahhhh Hawaii.....

Description by architects:
Nestled between cooled lava flows, the Kona residence situates its axis not with the linearity of the property but rather with the axiality of predominant views available to the site. Within the dichotomy of natural elements and geometric hardscape the residence attempts to integrate both the surrounding views of volcanic mountain ranges to the east and ocean horizons westward. The program is arranged as a series of pods distributed throughout the property, each having its own unique features and view opportunities. The pods are programmatically assigned as two sleeping pods with common areas, media, master suite and main living space. A central axis becomes the organizational and focal feature for the entire house, connecting each of the pods through an exterior gallery corridor. To help maintain the environmental sensitivity of the house, 2 separate arrays of roof mounted photovoltaic panels offset the residence energy usage while the choice of darker lava stone help heat the pool water via solar radiation. Rain water collection and redirection to 3 drywells that replenish the aquifer are implemented throughout the property. Reclaimed teak timber from older barns and train tracks are recycled for the exterior of the home. Together with stacked and cut lava rock, the two materials form a historically driven medium embedded in Hawaiian tradition. 3-D modeling and digital fabrication through CNC machinery was incorporated to further enhance traditional elements in a contemporary arrangement. Local basket weaving culture was the inspiration for the entry pavilion which reenacts the traditional gift upon arrival ceremony. CNC milled ceilings and screens throughout the house continue the abstract approach to traditional Hawaiian wood carving.