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worlds of possibility
world of possibility

Friday, September 24, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year

Fall is my favorite season or as Luke would say "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" It always makes me feel rejuvinated to list all of the things about fall and all of the traditions that take place during the season, there is a lot to give thanks for.... we all know that it is also a crazy time of year as well!

 without further adu..

I love that the humidity is gone and the breeze gains a sort of cripsness, the amazing colors associated with the season - the color of the leaves against a blue sky while driving down a country road, MUMS! the colors of these fall flowers closely matches the leaves, of course boots of all shapes and sizes, sweaters, hoodies & sweatpants, open windows letting the smell of the season into the house and not having to use air or heat but being able to cuddle up under a warm blanket, Football, Oktoberfest beer, homemade applesauce and thick soup, Ham Pot Pie  Thanksgiving giving way to 4 wheeling in the mud but if for nothing else the getting together of everyone for that reason alone... to get together, pumpkin pie, camping - it has been too long since I have seen Beaver damn and been to the water tower!, Halloween with all the trimmings of haunted houses scary stories around a fire and apple cider spiked with captain morgan..... or not. hay rides, and of course birthdays ;)

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