worlds of possibility

worlds of possibility
world of possibility

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Boudoir Miss Regina

The new color pallet of my bedroom!

crystal clear

black of night
cast iron

contented                convivial yellow


my new bed with new duvet, pillows and some wonderful textures!

Window/Wall piece with fall leaves and wood design

new lamp

 It is a little different than this year's Pantone color, honeysuckle, but pink has never truly been a large part of my style. I guess I am out of style for the year!  Honeysuckle might appear for me in a swimsuit or two this coming summer but I do not see it going much further than that!  Love the color just not for me!


And according to the new 2011 Charles Luck Perspectives I fall somewhere in the "understated" and "blend" trends with a little heritage and vintage thrown in to taste.  They haven't released quite yet but will in the next few weeks and I will be sure to share. 

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