worlds of possibility

worlds of possibility
world of possibility

Saturday, January 1, 2011

So maybe cruisin' is not the only way to rideeee

1930 Art Deco Henderson
It's old and gorgeous!  And a great start to this entry of amazing machines.

This bike was actually customized before WWII. This is what I would call form OVER function.  All mechanics hidden and body streamlined. The company dissipated during the great depression leaving only Indian and Harley Davidson..... and many more to follow.

135hp Ecosse Iconoclast

The Iconoclast is quick, at less than three seconds to 60 mph. But you’ll need to be even quicker to get your hands on one. Just eleven will be made

RogueMoto Kickboxer

Skip ahead to the future.....2013 maybe?

 It is a concept from Ian McElroy using a Subaru motor. "If the KickBoxer makes the transition from CAD program to showroom floor, the Ecosse will have a serious rival at the stoplight Grand Prix."

1934 BMW
Various specialists at the BMW workshop discovered the original design drawings in the archive collections and conjured up the ghosts from Streamline Moderne’s past. Missing parts were sourced, others were rebuilt, the chrome was polished and the frame was painted black. And the final test, retuning the 1934 BMW motorcycle to the street, proved to be worth the wait nearly three quarters of a century later. - Andrew J Wiener via Bike Exif




Dodge Challenger

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