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Friday, January 14, 2011

Vino, wein, vin Wine In any other language is just as sweet……. Or dry.

I can’t say that I have visited many vineyards or taken the infamous Napa Valley tour, but I have tasted wines of many varietals some from the grocery store and some that I will probably never have the financial capability to purchase. I am a firm believer that there is a perfect wine for ever food and every occasion and want to share a little of what brings me joy during these somewhat dreary winter months.

Growing up in an Italian family, wine has be an integral part of family meals for as long as I can remember. Not until recently, however, did I understand just how big the wine industry truly is or how well wine pairs with my two all time favorite foods…Chocolate and Cheese! I am always looking for recommendations on everything from wine to movies, so I am passing some of my vini preferiti to you.

Big Reds

Starting with the ever popular Cabernet Sauvignon, Cab’s will generally be full bodied with bold notes of chocolate, tobacco and currant. My favorite Cabernet Sauvignon right now is the 2007 Burly from Napa Valley California.
Burly delivers a well balanced fruit in the front and silky oak and cocoa in the back. (laymans terms: fruity and smooth not too spicy or dry) Suggested retail is $60.00/ bottle and is said to age well for up to 5 years.

On the spicier side of Cabernet Sauvignons you will find 2006 Silver Oak Alexander Valley out of Sonoma County.
Silver Oak Alexander delivers a rich aromatic attack to the pallet with a full body and a long spicy finish. (layman terms: BIG flavor and rather spicy and heavy) Suggested retail is $70.00/ bottle and will drink well through 2026.


Moving down under, Australia is known for its Shiraz. Shiraz wines tend to have a more earthy flavor with bold notes of pepper, blackberry, tobacco, and smoke. The two Shiraz that I have fallen in love with both happen to be from McLaren Vale.

The first is MollyDooker (Aussie for left hander) Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz with a burnt spicy nose and rich dense fruit flavors of plum and ripe berries.(Layman Terms: fruity, spicy and bold) Suggested retail is $49/ bottle and is best when drank in the next two years paired with sausage, curries and roasts. All MollyDooker wines contain nitrogen and it is suggested to do the “MollyDooker Shake” rather than decanting the wines.
Another Shiraz from McLaren Vale that both my mouth and my pocket love is Gotham Langhorne Creek Shiraz. Do not be scared of the screw top, cork is overrated these days. Gotham is not as peppery as some but more of a jammy fruit bomb with a small peppery finish. (Laymen terms: FRUITY and some light spice) It retails for under $20/ bottle.
Crisp Whites-

Chardonnay is one of the drier of the white wines. As a whole, white wines tend to be sweeter and crisper than reds. Chardonnay is known for having bold flavors of butter, apple, vanilla, melon, and occasionally oak. Flora Springs Chardonnay Barrel Fermented blends a bright taste of fruit with silky butter creaminess for a refreshing and balanced flavor for $30/ bottle. (Laymen terms: not too dry not too fruity) To nix the oak flavors try the Flora Springs napa valley Chardonnay for $21/ bottle.

If you are more apt to purchase wine a the grocery store like me, don’t fret, I have some recommendations that can be found at your local grocer! Ghost Pines 2006 Merlot from Napa and Sonoma Counties is a nice bright red with plum and black cherry sold for between $15-20/ bottle. Ravenswood Vinters Blend Zinfandel is another great taste with lots of berries and spicy oak and sells for $10/ bottle.

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