worlds of possibility

worlds of possibility
world of possibility

Friday, July 16, 2010

An adventure...

I do not know how or when the infatuation started, but I have been prudently searching for the perfect steamer trunk. Authentic, well-preserved, and well traveled are the traits I am looking for. I began my search where any millennial goes for everything, the internet. I found many things on craigs list all costing about $300, which is more than I wanted to spend so the Louis that I love is way beyond budget!
I had heard about Cline’s Country Antiques through fellow architecture students as a great place to go treasure hunting. There is a great article about the hidden gem in Creative Loafing . Don Cline (the owner) is a retired 67 year old man who has turned his personal plot of land or “yard” into a treasure trove jungle gym for adults. There is no limit to the possibilities of objects. The winding pathways lead in and out of groups of objects and into lean-tos and trailers where furniture and nicer objects are kept. It is the perfect Saturday adventure destination.

I found many many trunks, but mostly all either water logged or falling apart. Then a rainbow appeared and in the midst of broken down pianos I found it. My trunk.

I excitedly bought the trunk from Mr. Cline for $10, brought it home, cleaned it, and media texted pictures to my parents and friends. For some reason I never thought about asking my grandmother if had kept or owned any trunks, but I excitedly called her to tell her the tale of my obsession. She revealed that both of the trucks my great grandmother and great grandfather had used to bring all of their belongings to the U.S. from Italy are hidden in the attic. She insisted that I check them out and told me multiple interesting facts and stories based around the trunks. Without even seeing a picture, these two trunks immediately mean more to me than any other I could ever find. Why? The story. I am sure that every trunk has a story, but I know in depth stories of these two particular items and cannot wait to see what’s inside.

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