worlds of possibility

worlds of possibility
world of possibility

Monday, July 12, 2010

well of course they would be first in line as inspirational!

The Architecture and Stone world unite

Cutler Anderson Architects have remained one of my all time favorite architects since 2007. They are a small Pacific Northwest firm of 15 that I fell in love with their use of material and custom design of steel and timber connections. When asked about my favorite architects this is my top firm. There is something about the truth in material and the contemporary feel combined with rough-around-the-edges textures that make me wish I was a sponge on the desk of James Cutler and Bruce Anderson soaking up their knowledge and creativity.

I have recently discovered their latest book release, Searching for True: Cutler Anderson Architects, which, I am lusting over and price watching on A new book always drives me to the website to see if there are new projects that I have not seen.

Sitting at my marble stand it occurred to me that I might look at the architecture in a different light. I visit their website often, but this time I decided to look specifically for their use of stone. I now possess a great appreciation of stone as a building material. The only rational reason I can come up with as to why I had never noticed the stone in their projects before is possibly because as an architecture student one mainly focuses on the attributes of steel, wood and concrete.

I am astounded to see all of the stone that I had previously overlooked on my search for the next cool steel bracket. Names of specific stones even pop out at me as I look at some of the images in hopes that they would never ever use a cultured stone, and, with a little help from Beth, I recognized a few. Upon asking Beth if she thought it was stone or concrete veneer (praying that she would say real stone because anything else would wreck the entire architects’ entire image in my head) she agreed that it was natural stone. I now have even more of an appreciation for Cutler Anderson Architects as they seem to align with all of my ever-changing architectural passions.



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